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Teknik Group Production Process

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Dress Pattern

Each product can have the right form if produced based on the right pattern and thus our experienced stylists and designers use the state of art CAD/CAM pattern and design systems when creating patterns and designs; we use the technical files and designs prepared with these systems in our production processes.

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The cutting process at the cutting department of the production starts after a series of checks such as width of fabric, direction of fabric, number of pieces etc. The fabrics cut are taken to the labeling machine, categorized to sort out fabric defects, if any, and then the fabrics will be ready for sewing.

If there will be printing and embroidery on the product cut and prepared, our team in charge of these processes take the lead and carry on with the process after confirmation of the related stylist and representative of the customer.

Teknik Group Sewing


Approximately 1000 workers, who are in our permanent and temporary staff, are capable of manufacturing all kinds of products. Since we focus on training all our employees, our staff is in pursuit of improving their technical skills and knowledge and all departments offer social and technical trainings for our staff.

The outsourcing companies included in our supply chain also respect our values as well as being disciplined and successful companies.

Ütü ve Paketleme dikim sonrası en önemlii süreçtir.

Ironing and Packaging

Products forwarded to the packing section after sewing go through a series of controls such as product color, product size, durableness, accessories and then the inspection department carries out the quality control process respectively as follows; yarn severing, ironing, size check, interim quality control and 100 % quality control and products passing the quality controls are either boxed or hanged according to the customer's shipping directions and they are shipped.


In today's market, shipment process is as important as the production process; all activity details are planned and supervised in order to take orders and finish the products within the deadline. A schedule is prepared for each product in production line in order to plan time of each production stage and finishing production.

Our partners assisting us during the shipment stage are the leading companies of the sector and the products are shipped to the customers based on the criteria agreed with customer and documentation required.