Barcelona Design S.L.
Teknik Group


Our designing company located in Spain has an experienced design team of stylists and designers serving our customers and we prepare collections to please our customers by using state of the art computer aided design CAD/CAM systems.

Besides, we use our long-established textile printing and pattern background and strong design capabilities to create fashionable collections and wide range of other collections for our customers. In addition to wide range of collections offered to our customers, we prepare proto-samples based on drawings and patterns of our customers and send these to our customers after all checks, dress patterns are prepared and series are created; reproducing samples are prepared under the supervision of our technical team when the proto-samples are approved by the customers and they are sent back to the customer for size set approval before starting the production process.

Our Values and Principles

  • We will be always in the pursuit of innovation and being better, we will work hard to be the best of the markets we operate.
  • We will ensure maximum satisfaction with the products and services offered to our customers and cooperation achieved.
  • We will continue to be a company preferred and trusted by our employees.
  • Our company will be the preferred target customer of world-renowned suppliers thanks to its quality, innovation and values offered.
  • We will continue to be a nature friendly company which is beneficial to the society as well as adding value to the economy, technology and community.
  • We will always pursue excellence in our work.
  • We will be company which passes on its values from one generation to another without making any concessions.
  • We will always value integrity in our business affairs.
  • We will always be creative and innovative.
teknik group; Our Production Facilities and Personnel

Our Production Facilities and Personnel

Our factory carries on production process by using its production capacity as well as 9 subcontractors always working with the company; total 650 people work on all production processes. Our staff strengthens the production processes by offering high quality work from yarn to fabric, sewing to finishing and observing the international working condition criteria.

teknik group: Our Production Capacity

Our Production Capacity, Capacity Usage Ratio

Actual/realized production capacity of our company is 1.000.000 pieces/month. We are assisted by our subcontractors if we receive orders above this capacity.

teknik group: Firms cooperating with us

Firms cooperating with us

In addition to our R&D team which is always in the pursuit of innovative design, pattern and production of special and superior quality fabrics, we cooperate with several leading companies around the world for printed materials.

teknik group: Our Products and Referenced Brands

Our Products and Referenced Brands

Our range of knit fabric products manufactured using special fibers and preferred by prestigious brands are as follows.

We will create maximum satisfaction with the products and services offered to our customers and the cooperation assured.