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Teknik Group

Teknik Group Inc.

Teknik Group was established in 1946. Our company started trading fabrics, and then improved its production capacity and experiences, and included fabric dyeing and textile printing in its range of services. Our company has unique patterns and designs; it embraces creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business.

Our company combined its model designing capabilities and creativity and has become a pioneering company. In 1989, our company became a producer fully capable of meeting demands of its well-known global customers thanks to its knowledge and experience in dyeing, printing, fabric, design and production starting even from the process of yarn. While conducting production and technical activities, Teknik Group also respects the expectations of community and employees as well as observing the social and ethical norms. This approach is considered as a substantial activity and this approach is embraced in all aspects of its activities.

Teknik Group respects the rights and freedom of its personnel and provides for all legal rights granted to the personnel; our staff contributes to the management affairs through their representatives. Our Company acknowledges that employees satisfied with the work and working conditions will highly contribute to our quality and production power. As 70-year old experienced company, it has extensive experience from producing to designing, packaging to shipping the products. We define excellence as innovation, quality production, timely production and customer satisfaction.

In line with this management philosophy approach, Teknik Group believes in the concept of team work involving the customer. Besides its experience in production, it benefits from state of the art technology in all aspects of production. We always keep up with the designs and global trends of this sector by fulfilling ever-changing expectations and our company has been a constantly rising player thanks to its everlasting design enthusiasm and professional approach embraced in each aspect of production. We rigorously keep tabs on needs and expectations of our customers.

Our Values and Principles

  • We will be always in the pursuit of innovation and being better, we will work hard to be the best of the markets we operate.
  • We will ensure maximum satisfaction with the products and services offered to our customers and cooperation achieved.
  • We will continue to be a company preferred and trusted by our employees.
  • Our company will be the preferred target customer of world-renowned suppliers thanks to its quality, innovation and values offered.
  • We will continue to be a nature friendly company which is beneficial to the society as well as adding value to the economy, technology and community.
  • We will always pursue excellence in our work.
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  • We will be company which passes on its values from one generation to another without making any concessions.
  • We will always value integrity in our business affairs.
  • We will always be creative and innovative.
teknik group; Our Production Facilities and Personnel

Our Production Facilities and Personnel

Our factory carries on production process by using its production capacity as well as 9 subcontractors always working with the company; total 650 people work on all production processes. Our staff strengthens the production processes by offering high quality work from yarn to fabric, sewing to finishing and observing the international working condition criteria.

teknik group: Our Production Capacity

Our Production Capacity, Capacity Usage Ratio

Actual/realized production capacity of our company is 1.000.000 pieces/month. We are assisted by our subcontractors if we receive orders above this capacity.

teknik group: Firms cooperating with us

Firms cooperating with us

In addition to our R&D team which is always in the pursuit of innovative design, pattern and production of special and superior quality fabrics, we cooperate with several leading companies around the world for printed materials.

teknik group: Our Products and Referenced Brands

Our Products and Referenced Brands

Our range of knit fabric products manufactured using special fibers and preferred by prestigious brands are as follows.

We will create maximum satisfaction with the products and services offered to our customers and the cooperation assured.